Amazing Smiles Made in Winthrop

Our Specialist Orthodontists have proudly created thousands of happy smiles across Winthrop and surrounding Perth Suburbs. But don’t just take our word for it. Scroll down to see our amazing smile results for yourself!

Adult Invisalign Case - Meet Igor

Igor came to our practice wanting straight teeth, but as he was a University student, he felt he would be self-conscious with braces.

So instead of braces, we used Invisalign to give Igor the smile he wanted. After 18 months of Invisalign, we achieved the teeth Igor always wanted, just in time for graduation!

Early Treatment Case - Meet Bella

Bella was 8 when she first came to our practice.

Her bite was giving her problems and was impacting her speech.

If left untreated, this would leave to significant damage to her gums and her growth.

After treating with braces for 9 months, her bite was left in the perfect space to allow for normal growth and development.

Braces Case - Meet Theresa

When Theresa came to our practice, she was embarrassed about her smile. She didn’t like how crowded they were as well as how they were off to the side.

After removing 4 teeth and 20 months of braces, we managed not only straighten Theresa’s teeth, but we also managed to get everything lining up perfect with her face. Theresa is no long embarrassed to smile!

Surgery Case - Meet John

John came to our practice being unhappy with both the appearance of his smile but also his bite. He had struggled to eat steak all his life and wanted a change.

After 24 months of braces and orthognathic surgery, John achieved the smile and bite he always wanted! An added bonus was that he also improved his profile which has improved his confidence ten-fold!

Reviews from our wonderful patients

Such a great experience, Dr Gordon was very helpful and always checked if I was happy and comfortable with my treatment! Great service!
Thank you Dr Gordon!

Jhonette Aitchison
August 2023

Dr Gordon is absolutely amazing not only at what he does with your teeth but also making his patients feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole process. If you are considering braces I cannot recommend Gordon enough. Thank you.

Renee Paige
April 2023

Dr Gordon & his team are professional, friendly and always accommodate with my son’s needs for his braces. Dr Gordon always had time to see him. I highly recommend Dr Gordon and his team.

Gif Gif
August 2023

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