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Nurturing Smiles at an Early Stage

As a parent we understand you may hesitate about considering orthodontic treatment for your child at a young age. However, the guidance from the Australian Society of Orthodontists is clear – scheduling a consultation as early as 7 years old can be incredibly beneficial. This proactive approach allows our experienced orthodontist to identify and address potential concerns early on, preventing more significant issues from arising. By giving your child’s smile a solid foundation now, you’re ensuring their confidence and oral health well into the future.

Subtle Signs, Significant impact

During your child’s growth phase, a golden opportunity may arise to intervene and secure a radiant smile for their future. Look for these indicators, which could suggest the need for early orthodontic attention:

  • Spaces or shadows on either side of your child’s smile.
  • Early or delayed loss of primary (baby) teeth.
  • Protruding teeth, often referred to as “bucky teeth.”
  • Teeth positioned unusually high in the gums, resembling fangs.
  • Baby teeth overcrowding, leading to misalignment.
  • Persistent finger-sucking that could influence tooth positioning.
Teen Orthodontics

Early vs Teen Orthodontics - Understanding the Distinction

Distinguishing between early and teenage orthodontics is crucial. Early orthodontics mainly centers on fostering proper jaw development, while teenage orthodontics focuses on aligning adult teeth. Addressing jaw concerns before adolescence ensures adequate space for future adult teeth, avoiding potential crowding issues as their growth continues. This approach aims to achieve facial harmony by optimising jaw placement, resulting in a profile that beautifully complements your child’s unique features.

Custom Appliances for Growing Smiles

Following an in-depth consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist, personalised orthodontic recommendations may include:

Palatal Expander Plates

Widening the upper jaw to accommodate crowded teeth, correct crossbites, and promote facial development.

Space Maintainers

Safeguarding space for incoming permanent teeth, preventing shifts in adjacent teeth.

Functional Appliances

(e.g. Twin Block, Herbst Appliance): Managing jaw discrepancies, enhancing facial aesthetics, and refining bite function.

What will happen in your orthodontic consultation?

Expert advice with no pressure and no strings attached.

1. Meet

with our friendly Specialist Orthodontists to discuss your concerns.

2. Benefit

from digital scans, photos, and x-rays when necessary for a thorough evaluation.

3. Receive

expert guidance on your treatment options including braces or clear aligners.

4. Explore

flexible payment plans with all-inclusive, upfront quotes—no hidden fees.

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