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Orthodontic Pricing

Below is our estimated orthodontic pricing. But keep in mind, our treatment plans are tailor-made for each individual and your personalised quote might differ from the estimates provided below.

Costs early orthodontics

Early Orthodontics

Pricing Range: $485- $2560

Early Orthodontic treatment from is typically recommended for children under 10 to ensure they have room for future teeth to grow into.

Costs minor orthodontics

Minor Orthodontics

Pricing Range: $1480- $3380

Minor Orthodontic treatment consists of minor aesthetic treatment such as straightening or closing of small gaps.

Costs comprehensive orthodontics


Pricing Range: $6980- $8800

Complex Orthodontic treatment is suited for more moderate to severe crowding of the teeth, and complex bite issues.

The good news is at Winthrop Orthodontic Centre, we include one set of removable orthodontic retainers as part of your quote, ensuring no hidden surprises at the end of your treatment.

Our orthodontic payment plans are affordable and interest free

For your convenience we accept many payment providers with no surcharge:

eftpos, visa, mastercard

What will happen in your orthodontic consultation?

Expert advice with no pressure and no strings attached.

1. Meet

with our friendly Specialist Orthodontists to discuss your concerns.

2. Benefit

from digital scans, photos, and x-rays when necessary for a thorough evaluation.

3. Receive

expert guidance on your treatment options including braces or clear aligners.

4. Explore

flexible payment plans with all-inclusive, upfront quotes—no hidden fees.

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